Saturday, November 26, 2011

Trying another side of Google

I am at the beginning of a steep learning curve that sees me both  learning and implementing just how far I can utilize the Google Documents.

An associate showed me Google Documents. Then opened the Google Document world to me. Things I had thought of before suddenly became limitless.

  • Previously having to save diagrams and pages in half or quarter size for people to read them on the information presented on the blogger.  
    • Printing this information out caused the enlargements to be unreadable.
  • I kept finding scholarship papers popping up in Google search engines.  These were really good reading as I was told the procedure to place a 'paper' on this level of the web.  therefore felt that the source to be more accurate that something placed on the web.
  • Instead of repeating actions that involve a lot of copy writing the same things over and over blogger's tab bar has incorporated a web address link. 
  • The folders can be made and files stored in them.  Meanwhile there is a running sheet of each and every file you are working on as well.
  • Sharing is a terrific idea when you are able to limit those who see but also those who can change things around with you. Check the documents out. 
  • Time management wise there is a lot to be done to enable the change overs from blog indexes to document presented indexes.  However for the readers easing this time spend is a profitable investment.
  • Locating files to update -where someone else is or has been working on - is easier as they have popped up to the top of the list.
On the down size although 
  • The printing has greater scope the graph pages are still tricky to print out .

Google Documents will add another dynamic side to the blogs that I have fun writing with.

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