Thursday, November 17, 2011

Core Strength found!

 Be it a physical or mental exercise make a list to improve your core strengths.  First though you must recognise what these strengths either are, or are likely to be.  Hence the need for a visual summary list.

To create the list use these steps.

  • Create a focus.
  • Brainstorm - dot point everything down in a random list.
  • Sort this random list into category topics.
  • Place the heading of five categories down on what is to be your mind map.
    • note you may have any number of main categories. However keep to three, five or seven.  Using these numbers as a guide people generally tend to focus their thinking easier.
  • Cross the focus and the five headings out of your random list.
  • Continue to write the random list out under the five categorises - crossing off the dot points as you go down your brainstorm list.  
  • Once this mind map has been sorted out spend time away from it.  This time away will confirm what you really see as important, what should be altered or set aside for a later date review.
  • Place the focus at the top of another page. 
    • Write under the focus what your vision is and then your aims.
    • Now make a couple of strategies on how you will achieve this vision. You will be coming back to this at a later date.
  • Under each of the main sub titles 
    • Write out how through the use of this subcategory you will achieve your vision.
    • dot point this mind map list out.
    • In the next step there are two points to do.
      • Write a short sentence summary under each dot point as to how you 
        • will use this point to achieve your vision
        • what you expect to have once this vision is achieved.
  • Go back through the list and make sure that all the subheading actually will fit into the main focus. Do what you have to do so that everything in that list actually fits into where you want to be, to go and to do.
  • Action the list.
Creating this list may seem silly and a bit extreme but when the list is being worked on the standards that are self set and the benchmarks already achieved are both consciously and subliminally reaffirmed.  On ongoing needs analysis is activated.  More importantly the gate is being forced to open as you clear away the rubbish that was hindering your progress at finding your gate.

In the first paragraph a visual summary list  regarding 'Core Strengths' as a exercise path list was introduced. When different lists are mind mapped out at pattern emerges. Same theme, different words there may be, but your skills, talents and interests will show though. When you are ready to see these as the strengths you have been looking for they will mean something to you.  Go and exercise them.

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