Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Full steam ahead

When you first go into a new position in the workforce just what do you have of value?  How then are these assets an asset for the business behind the workforce? In any given situation concepts being related to an intangible asset are hard to grasp. The concept of having a knowledge that has worth is made even more difficult when the person does not value that knowledge base.  Translate that knowledge basis into different 'properties' like intellectual properties and people are more likely to gasp in disbelief and horror!

People with one general skill will gather and then stick together. From this point the dominance structures and behaviour levels takes form. If there is a 'change' factored into the pack then behaviour is exclusive rather than acceptance.  The tendency for living things to go with a similar pack can be seen by animal behaviour.  Even when a healthy alpha animal is injured or sick may be excluded from the food or company of the others. The saying that "you are known by the company you keep" has also been documented.  Combine these two concepts and you have a pack that excluded those they fear.  The alpha animal has become excluded until that animal can re-enter the dominance race. This illustration points out the power of change bringing forth fear with regards to wellness verses illness.

When people are new to the pack have to work to get accepted.  When an employment offer comes forth the person, peers and co-workers must change their focus.  Identification of underutilized assets that have a commercial value or potential. The exclusion of a person from one pack when they move into another is inevitable.  Time management becomes an issue.  Someone who is used to playing internet games until the early hours of the morning may miss the bus to get to work on time. Is it special treatment for the heads of staff to accept that behaviour when they know that that person was logistically designing a 3 D building for the business all night? Using the skills gained over years of playing games to implant into the design special features needed! How could it look to the uninformed staff?

When new people enter the staff allocate a mentor to them. Have the two of them sort out what the assets of the person are.  Allow time to sort this out. When understand occurs as to what and why this asset list is for the new person begins to feel mentally broadened. Sub conscious levels of skills are tapped into, reformatted into a usable tangible starting point.

Once a starting point has formed moving forward to effectively address a market opportunity consistent with the strategic direction of that company propels acquired skills forward. Other team members gravitate in towards that 'new' idea.

Just before this point is a danger flash. Guard the new employee. Have already set up a network of people, their skills, talents and knowledge that enable the project to move forward 'together' with the directional pathway clearly labelled and known to all.

When people recognize what are their assets, the breath and depth of the worth of these assets, change occurs. The change begins with the making of an assessment inventory. Moves through to identifying the underutilized assets while considering the ways to exploit  the change to market any competitive advantage. Comparative emptions  are demonstrated.

Value Concepts

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