Thursday, November 17, 2011

Are you coming back?

When a negative bias has been adopted and someone says to you "Why should I believe these fantastic claims?" as a question form what they are actually indicating is that they are actually willing to at least listen to the argument and any evidence that you have.

In peoples minds, sometimes even when they know something is there, happening, unfolding right in front of their eyes, they will doubt it. Negative inputs being easier to believe than positive transparent visualizations it is up to the sales person to change these negatives into being positive trust factors.

How you approach and connect with the prospective consumer is all a matter of communication factors.  These include the indirect ones, the male verses female ones, even bring in with you that feeling of having a positive atmosphere surrounding you in which others want to enter.

Effectively take the time to build the trust of both you and the company you represent.  Call back, drop information and newsletters when asked to them. Let the consumer know that you may not have the appropriate skill level to answer the questions straight away.  However the good news is that it is up to you to bring a representative of your company to them who has the information. Arrange a mutual time for all three of you to be there and discuss the issues raised.

Commission wise, straight off there may be other factors that influence the sale not going through straight away, however your honesty will be less questioned, your approach will receive a friendlier acknowledgement and your presence will be accepted with less stress , greater balance, all round.

Leon James University of Hawaii

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