Sunday, November 20, 2011

Way to Go Sales Team.

A sales team  is part of the overall business workforce.  Literally any business is in business to show a profit thus keeping the share holders happy, the employees employed, the bills paid and expenses managed. This said the employees take their professional bearings along with their attitudes lead from the businesses management.

A business that supports the environment it is in in a manner which overcomes challenges (both major and minor) will in turn lead the way for their employees and others that it interacts with greater ease,  manages to grow from adversity, then turns potentially negative events into positive ones can harvest that same flow of energy through their structure.  Effectively the benchmarks the company sets are passed on through the staff. Both the staff, other stakeholders and the business becoming more resilient, responding to change pro-actively rather than resisting any change factors.  After all where would you now be should electricity then light bulbs not have been invented?  Way back before then what about the garnishing of fire embers and the shaping of a wheel?

Business and people who develop the right attitude, actually become aware, develop an internal Locus of Control managing to cultivate optimism social support through a sense of humor. Meanwhile as the staff are encouraged to exercise , to explore their spiritual side  they are also prompted not to give up.

Given this positive atmosphere that is moving forward what hope does the sales team have but to emulate it and come up smiling.  Way to Go.

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