Thursday, November 3, 2011


A few years ago a young lady had an opportunity to gain experience as a secretary with some receptionist options.  The employment was with a firm that changed the rules as the boss desired.

During the actual time away from the home base the workers stuck together.  They did not like the fact that the employer had booked two rooms for 6 people.  The employers idea was to stick the young lady in with the seasoned men's sleeping dorm while he slept next door.  Luckily for the young lady one of the workers realised that he had worked with her father a few years earlier.   The young lady ended up next door so that she could do the typing required and not 'drive the men crazy with key board tapping' as she worked.

Things went from 'bad to worse' work wise.  The employer did not meet her wages, used her phone bill into the thousands, took her expensive reading glasses, only brought beer instead of coffee or tea. The workers tried to protect the young lady in her naivety. Eventually I was called onto the scene.

I had later talked to all the employees and found that they knew that after a hard 12 hour day -cutting logs up- they could come back to a substantial  home cooked meal, clean bedding and room.  All they had to do was put money in the food kitty and have a shower before they came to the table!

After two and a half months the young lady went home.  A ride to a highway was organised for her via the local off duty police man. A truck driver known to be a relative of the police man just happened to be passing and 'stopped' for a chat.  Strange as it may seem that truck just happened to be going past the young ladies door!.... about eleven hours travelling time away.

To this day nine years later I often wonder what happened to those men when the boss found out that the young lady had gone.  I had heard that the tuck had got impounded through men wanting what was their friends wages and expenses. that the employers wife had a holiday she had always wanted [care of the justice system] and that the employers business had ceased to exist and he was unemployable... or soon became unemployed.

Ho hum.

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