Sunday, November 20, 2011

Resilience in our Sales People.

Selling and Sales People go hand in hand ... correct?  Like so many other positions stress and its associated triggers also are right there too.  So, how does a sales person have the ability that enables them to adapt, therefore deal with stressful selling situations? Add to this the external disasters that good sales people are able to turn into a profitable situation for both client, the business they represent and their own bank balance.  Yet every one, in the three way situation, feels satisfied as they hold firm to the belief of a job well done!

The trick is that the sales person has learned to adapt a "roll with the punches " attitude.  The benefit is that by adapting to adversity the minor or major stress factors and life changes have less impact.

Lets start with the smaller practical factors with sales.

  • Know who you are.
  • Have belief in what you are selling.
  • Expect the help you ask for to be given.
  • Keep a tab on the follow ups.
  • Do your paper work
  • Present well, be courteous, mannered and leave with grace.
Now the slightly harder ones.
  • Acknowledge that when you are selling there will be many who are not buying.  Simple fact. Live with it or do what you have been taught to do about it.
  • When you cold call there will be many knock backs. Acknowledge there is a roller coaster ride to sales. Know that you are supported on the bad days, give out to others on these days to. Be part of a forward moving team. Celebrate both the good and bad achievements. 
  • Rebalance and move on.
  • Wow! Are they having a bad hair day or what?  Do not take their bad hair day on or it will follow you and your sales team around like a bad smell.
All these things bring about emotional changes and surprises. How you deal with these ups and downs, negatives, knock backs, frustrations, what your family members are doing [ or could be doing] may have been observed during your infancy and may even carry through into your selling period.  Note that the resilience you are looking for can and should be developed with a little effort.  Resilience is not resistance. Resilience is not a matter of blocking, out but of how you hold onto the challenge, grab a duster and flick away a few fears, then get on with the job of selling.

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