Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's happened. The emotions come. Capture the moment.

Imagine this:
There has been a robbery, arson attack, serious bodily harm been done.  The culprits have not been caught.

Now there is:  an Event===> arousal===> reasoning===> emotion.

Either once an event has occurred, or when it is about to occur, sales people go to the area to capture the two-factor theory of emotion and put it into action. The harvest is the sales and thus the sales persons commission.
Yearly there are celebrations on the calendar.  Corporations and manufactures compliment the use of sales people with the emotional pulls the subconsciousness cognitive act of 'missing out' to lever up the sales. Effectively the more sales the greater pulses the economic cycle has injected into it. The more everyone benefits.

People or business who buy early must buy well.  The fashion may change or an updated product will hit the self.  Sales people go back and take the next order. Neither the client, nor their clients want to miss out as the money cycle flows. The clients know this but still they events confirm their conclusions.

A good sales line is something like  " If you are feeling a bit vulnerable after the last rise in thefts from your store and are excited by what this camera can do for you then..." Close the sale now.

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