Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why use a group

Companies and other businesses are utilizing the social networking sites like Google Groups, Yahoo and Facebook groups. Messages from the business to the employees or distributors are getting out there quickly and efficiently.  Once a new member joins the messages are through the email system.

  • The onus is then on the member to click on get the information and move with the times. 

  • From the business side of things advertising is direct and of small costs ratio.
  • Again the more clicks a company name has the higher up the ladder their blog posts go.  Onto search page one the address will go. 
  • When a group of businesses are run through the same central promotion point one click bring all closer to the top of the search engine.
    • Hence why people subscribing,friends and emails are so important to the business.  You may like waht you read, and reteweet or send to your friends.  This method is called viral networking.

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