Saturday, October 29, 2011

Made a mistake have you?

A critical review is not earning a grade but doing looking backwards in order to do something better next time. Often a critical review is mistaken for when one person is critical of what people did or did not do or when a person has done something wrong.

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The critical review is the act or instance of evaluation or appraising the gathering of feedback is used to make the next situation run more smoothly.  All the stake holders go over the information gathered re the event, brake the event into segments. Each segment has an action.  The actions are reviewed. Each action has an outcome - these too have a review. Actions or non-actions are taken into consideration.

The beauty of recording events at the time they occur is that everyone [all stakeholders] can make adjustments for future guide lines with regard to possible scenarios. Things that are recorded tend to be remembered as fresh incidents during the information gathering process.

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