Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Leadership knowledge comes from many venues in our lives. When you pass this information over where exactly have you got it from?  Everything we learn is retained within our cranium computer on a subliminal level.  Way in the back of the subliminal is our ethos on life, how we treat it and why we do things the way we do.

That said at the Leadership Training I attended [October 2011] Charlie Bear involved the audience in dialogue through many things. For example Charlie talked and showed the audience about business cards. I had seen most of this before in pieces.  Charlie joined all the dots. I remembered having used all these pieces over time.  Not as smooth as Charlie but I had used them for various things. Primarily to attain information about people I needed to re-contact with.

In my daily working life I introduced a new sales person into our team.

Firstly we went over the personal journal he is to keep.  How the tax man loved receipts. The receipts value when negatively gearing the sales income.

From this point we travelled through a approaching business. What the company we both work for want from him.  His daily log books, sales information updates, further procedures and so forth.

The part of the pre-induction I lead up to, then showed the new sales man that captured his attention was how and why to share contact information.  So simple and yet effective.  As I said I have used this with out knowing why or where I had the experience and information given to me. The lack of memory on my part relates back to a head injury twenty years ago.  Hence why I know that what goes in and is practised becomes subliminal. Charlie prompted my subliminal memory to associate what I had seen with what I had done. Hence the reason why I confidently showed the new sales person.

Today he starts. Tomorrow at nine I expect to see some contact details. These contact details will then be processed.  In the future these contact details will have commission dollars connected to them. 

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