Friday, October 28, 2011

Taking up a challenge to "market" a something into being that success where you and the employees get the maximum benefits in today's entrepreneurial world means that you need everyone's participation.

Induction and short weekly updates or training sessions mean that employees become aware and informed of decisions   Even better they have an opportunity for direct dialogue that affects that decision-making process.

With the decisions making processes having a full participation strategy the processes allow you to
  • Know what you are actually marketing.
  • What drawbacks to the typical approaches are in rolling out a shareable income.
  • Current best methods are shared on 
    • how to use a basic promoational mix that promotes the sales.
    • who can do what within the firms contact basis.
  • What communication strategies are set up, how they work and why the employee benefits when using them.
  • What a few challenges are with marketing and promotion.
  • Which best practices are when marketing the promotion.


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