Sunday, October 9, 2011

Get a move on

While opening up with cve4me I saw that the seach page has some other thing that will topple my no one place as no 1 on the page.  cv4me is a New Zealand job opportunity company with a name very similar to cve4me.

Plan to keep to the top of the seach page here.

  • Do everything under cve4me
    • social network under cve4me
    • social media to get going under cve4me
  • The crux of the matter revolves around these hits on the cve4mesite. Primarily three things need to happen.
    • Time to do the social media and networking
      • Either of these will stimulate hits needed to occur on the sites under cve4me.
    • Money to keep up the time.
      • Running out.
  • Next weekend is the shop on line for me.
    • The cve4me shop on line will bring in the hits on the site.

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