Saturday, October 8, 2011

1st post!

Today I was thinking about how far I have travelled along this Blogging path.  And how far I really had to go.

Once again these thoughts came during a really frustrating time.  Something I will probably look back too in a few months and say.." that was easy". !!

Know the feeling.

Today's frustrations were about the signing up of a Google site.  I can sign up but what are the steps the instructions have left out about becoming a owner of that site? Apparently I have missed some basic instruction step somewhere.

I have worked out

  • how to open the site.
  • how to add pages, colors and fonts.
  • Add pictures and hyper-link around the place.
With Blogger I can pay for the site yearly. I think the Google sites are a simple $33.00 per year payable to Google.  But where and when does any Google site get paid for??  That is my frustration.

So I then did something else with my computer time.

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