Sunday, October 9, 2011

Challenged change

Some time ago I exported off a site I had. The imported this information onto a new site where I spent time combing several sites of information into one.  No i did not choose to loose  [delete]  the old information.

For the last couple of days I have been toying with doing this again.

Some of the the things that halted this action have been

  • the fear of loosing working back links.
  • space usage for the application
  • time factor spent in removing the doubles of things.
    • this included the back links too.
Positives in this action would be:
  • Hits to 1 blog site rising the level of visitors to that site will raise the power of 1 address / name being seen all through the search engines.
  • The presentations of the new look for Google applications?
I truly would like to do this as an on-line magazine has its format.  Which is why I wanted to have pages with lead in posts and indexes via each page.  However so far this has not been possible.  My time management status is low.  For now I rely on the maxim of 'One day'.

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