Friday, October 28, 2011

An asset register is what I am doing.

Works like this

Use heading and then dot point sections under.  To start with use computer as this is easily changed.

  • Hold L's
            ACTION  -
    •  need X hours to feel comfortable with driving experience

Clothing list
Once found the 'key' will unlock doors.
  • Suitable for 
    • data work
    • sales rep
    • business meetings.
    • Sort clothing into categories
    • If offered by work placement centre then I will know what types of clothing/ shoes to request assistance in obtaining

Health Care Card
  •  Does Health care card cover me for X months after I have obtained full time statis?
                  ACTION -
    •  check details with Work Cover Provider and Centerlink.

  • Public
    • Rely on other peoples transport until have hours and licence or public transport system.
    • Gain hours until comfortable handling vehicle.
      • Obtain P's
                Further action 
      • Obtain motor bike licence
Do the same for 

Skills, character, personality, interests.  The list is expandable.  

  1. Type the list out.
  2.  Pin the list in clear view.
  3.  Study it again several times over the next 24 hours.
  4. Write new things on the list - sticky notes okay here too.
Challenge for you
  • Take original list [with sticky notes attached] - pin the list up in a hallway-  ask family /friends to go over it for you.
    •  Provide them sticky notes for their helpful ideas.
    • Retype it out.
  • Send to
Your on the way now.Your next step will be clearer.

Note :  You have moved from just listing the assets you have into shaping a goal list!!

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