Friday, October 14, 2011

People are great. You learn a lot from them.

The other day I was in the front office with the account.   Others were with clients.

The message came that the person being interviewed for a sales position had been held up time wise.  The sales person was some one that one of my family members knew... could a girl of nineteen come too.

As things turned out time management wise things worked out well in that one client interview finished after the three others had arrived and settled in.

The owner of the company came out. Introductions were performed.  Now here is where the crunch came. I had not thought ahead as to where exactly interviews would take place. Impressions count and I had not had time between both sessions to clean up a room.

 Position Heads need to network. 
As it was the owner treated all of us to a side of his character that was unexpected but normal for him.  The interview became a bit one sided as the sales person really was not sure of the situation, nor did he have a clear idea of what how and when things were going to go.  No one had pre informed him of anything except that there was a job opening.

So atypical was the interview that we all joined in.  At times I felt that I was a bridge between the ex military style this is what I want... how you do it is up to you approach.  A very clear cut and direct approach compared to the person being interviewed approach of direct me every step of the way.

The sales person was so bamboozled in this approach that he was at least hearing the owner out.  Asked a few hesitant questions and stated the truth.  He did not think I could do the job.  Now at this point you would think the interview was over.  Not the case.  The owner wanted honesty and the other person was bowled over and slipping fast.  The owner came back a little with drawing him out.   My son mad a few comments.  The young lady participated.  A few jokes and comments were made.  The atmosphere lighted.

At one point I asked the owner to go back to the basic ground up sales program I had suggested.  He considered it and looked to myself for a lead.   Respecting the need for business privacy I stated that there were basic sales things to consider first.  My son had an idea as I had asked him for advise.  Both the sales person and my son had worked together in cold calling marketing.  There was no door to door cold calling here except for the businesses.  Then there was a procedure to nut out and move forward on.

At no time was the head sales person to do all the things expected to get the business sales up and running. The sales person we were looking for would be a head sales person in charge of developing a team.  The team was already being found.  The business had an accountant head. Head of security. Head of Risk management. Myself I am a Community Developer and in charge of training team. Delegation and motivation were the key.

From this point on I saw a real change in the interview energy.  The sales person came forward with suggestions as well as the inclusion of himself within these suggestions. If he was a fish he was 'realing' himself in to shore.  There was a snag that he later told me about... he had just about landed himself a job elsewhere.  Hence why he was late.  That second interview had taken longer than anticipated. He would know by the next day.  The boss here would be phoned by 1000hrs the following day as the boss here would not be available until then.

By the end of the interview the owner had shared some things that were not commonly known. This showed that he trusted all three of the people there.  The young lady had not realised this until I got hold of her that evening and informed her that she would be taken on as a 'pen pusher' as she requested when she had done her Security course and became a registered Security Guard.  Reason- there were papers that she could not handle until she has this clearance certificate.  At this point in the conversation I tied together the matter of the owners trust  factors. She was overcome ... blown away.

My job was affected in that I realised a major snag was exposed. Interviewing was not the owners thing. So now I have designed a step by step process that the interviewees will get to expect, will satisfy the job find networks, and will assist in relieving everyone pressure wise.

With my Community Development experience, business experience and other life skills I know that now my work begins. The focus has come into shape.

I have explained how things will work.  To each separately drawn into the picture various other aspects that neither of them had thought of. They too are part of the expanding business venture.

 Move over I am coming through.

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