Sunday, October 9, 2011

Opening your Google Site to work on it.

I am now celebrating.

Google is Wonderful

But Who changed my search engine to Bing?.  I had become so used to having a Google search engine that I had not even thought of this basic thing to check off.  Then I went and found  How to create a new Site on YouTube.

There is a really interesting pause button that was used as I paused the button and checked out on a new tab what the Radford Tutorial guy was telling me to do.

This then took a lot of going back and forward practice and note taking.  I now have the instructions. When I show Will on Monday I will not fee stupid at the key boards. That way the site he needs operating fully will be ready.

The next steps within the project will be able to be completed as a .com site name can go on the paperwork.

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