Saturday, February 9, 2013

Using what medium to assist you message in going viral

In response to an inquiry from a gentleman new at what using 'a social medium' actually involves.  Since he is willing to really give this 'social media stuff' a work out then I enjoy helping his cause.  In essence the question followed 

How to make a message go viral?

Okay there are several ways of doing this    

Firstly the medium you are writing this on is important for the following reasons:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why use a tie?

There are so many ways to tie a tie. Behind each knot is a load of history and tradition. When a sales person presents themselves to their prospective and current consumers they represent not only themselves but also everyone associated with the company they work through. So the correct wearing of a tie is enhancing the body language associated with presentation of  'the tie' build on the trust factors within the traditions but worn correctly are a subliminal stimulant towards forms profitable consumer relations.

 Yes, you are using the sublinimal belief of a tie equals a person of worth instilled into many people  through out their early lives

 The info-graph included below is just one round of tie tying to look and learn from.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to steps for 'The Kicks' promotion

  • The help I am offering is more than just me sharing your pictures. What I  do is show people how to put together their 'stuff' while building communities of active and participating followers. In a nut shell... help yourselves while helping other people.
  • There are several social media steps involved. Since you will have control of them [ very important] you need to be behind the building off. Make sense so far?

The basic concept is two fold - have you heard of the push / pull effect? Briefly the p / p effect is where you place everything 'The Kicks' as a group on an area called a 'hub'. No Facebook and other socialized media is not the primary hub type I am talking about. Have you a web page [not a school based one]? Every thing you do goes through this Hub. Google is one that is prevalent through all educational and Governmental spheres through out most of the western world. Costs nothing too. This s the first step. Would you like me to make a Google blog for you. That way you can edit it . Which of course means that 'The Kicks' will need a gmail account.

While you are at it it would be good for each of you to get individual gmail blogs and gmails as well. I will explain in depth later on. Suffice to say you keep you personal stuff on your personal blog and gmail account while you place your 'The Kicks' stuff on the 'The Kicks' professional blog site.

Oh yes if you want me to make the blogs for 'The kicks' and/ or yourselves you will retain all rights to them as well. Now and forever. The only things I will show you how to promote and get promotes will be through 'The Kicks' site. This is important for you to notate [file away] for your future reference. It is also important for both you, 'The Kicks' and what I do this end for you to be disassociated with what should not go on through the net and the networks that you are going to develop. No swearing [ not ever a crass world of finger gesture] no nudity and remember that what goes on the net promoters in your future as well as further education facilities do check for what you have placed through the internet. They will be effectively paying your way through life.... [harp/ harp and harp again] yes you have heard this all before but check out your photo shot! Think about it and take the action you really want too about this. That is what everyone see's.

Let me put it this way. YouTube and SEO ranking measurements. Before you upload anything yourself gain a large following. Your initial first ranking happens when [finally] you upload your first video. I am talking about a very LARGE following ... thousands. SO while you are at school and performing what you do in the 0.03 seconds you have with regard to the initial impact you / your picture makes will help determine your follower ration. Does this make sense? If you already have a measurably large following then promoters will be willing to pay you more per appearance. Ask yourself -Are you doing 'The Kicks' just to 'bum' around or to get going with something that is important to you all? Remember the P /P effect [push / pull] I spoke of before. How you present what you and 'The Kicks' are is part of the push effect. There is a lot to do in order to get the push effect activated and to that end I will show you how - for now. Then once the pull effect comes in to play your promoter will want to take over. Which is why I have said to keep these notes [ hard copy them].

Once you have a basic hub I will then show you how to activate your twitter   /  Facebook page  From here getting these to be interactive with each other is the next step.    I know this all may sound very basic too you.  However people that I deal with  often do not have the basic steps and this alone trips them up later on.  So I make it my business to go one step at a time.

Monday, March 26, 2012

#Howto engage a win / win sales promotion using a gift basket.

Ever heard of the term - Promotieartikelen? What about a promotion tool? Simply put promotion tools are part of the overall marketing strategy .

A promotion which involves the giving away a series of  'microgifts' [such as just a 'free coffee"] is participating in a very basic Promotieartikelen.  Basic because the coffee is considered to have no depth. A walk away with very little return.

Gift baskets may be 'real' in texture, touch and smell.
Or they may be 'virtual' as in vouchers that reap a
 perceived reward.
The gift that came with a basket was not the fruit but
the wiggly pen [ complete with company contact
 numbers]  hidden in the ferns behind
 Taking the promotion to the next level two things now occur. The first being the consumer is giving something back to the business such as their email address, permission for their name and photo to be used as a closure of the promotion article.  These inevitable are planned into further promotions.  Therefore the permission is in writing and is legally binding between the parties.

The second involves something given to the consumer with which further free advertising occurs.

Such as a 'microgift' as a refreshment within a 'take home pack' consisting of a cup that has the business logo, a platter of food, business cards, serviettes and even a personalized 'thank you' card. As long as your business mug is being utilized, your company gets a required boost

Of course the receipt of which has been much promoted, photographed and 'gushed upon' by friends and relatives.  Person to person 'Word of mouth' or Twitter to friends and followers of both the business and each person in attendance is a cost- effective Promotieartikelen tool.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Customer Touchpoints

What are customer touchpoints?

What makes your business stand out from the rest?  What makes you as a sales person stand out so that both people and your client base trust you anyway?

 From a customers point of view ever business has product and costs. These are givens.  But why do they allow you in the door?  What makes them want to do business with you and keep coming back or referring your service to others?

What are the little things that make customers come back?
Pleasant decor.
  • Is their somewhere for the client that has to wait on your time to log into the wi-fi service?  Can they make a cuppa?  Is the music so loud that they really have to go - now! Good lighting, pleasent smells. Clean restrooms.
Appropriate storage capacities.
  • A mechanics shop that has a pile of everything everywhere would make people think that their car will be done ... when it is found... later.
    • Where as a mechanic shop that has everything in it';s place and a place for everything gives the first impression of a faster more through service because of streamlining and time management aspects.
  • A home business that has a well looked after frontage gives the illusion that the people inside care for their things.  Therefore they will care for your business - not spreading everything around for competitors to 'take'.
Extras that cost
  • Hidden fees and unclear billing statements are not something that the customers have budgeted for.  After a delay in payment to you will they really be coming back?

Buzzworthy side effects of good touchpoints
First off when people actually get something that they were not expecting they will comment on it.  Maybe not to you, but word of mouth gets around through their friends.  Especially over the internet as many customers both research the products they want to purchase before purchasing.  When they find what they are looking for a 'share or like' may occur.  Then they will tell others about what they have purchased.  Word of mouth like this is quick and does your business well.  The reverse is also true.

Valuing the customers time and energy may be a little thing that you can 'show' your business cares about.  Having small chocolates individually rapped, or biscuits in their own wrapper placed next to the refreshment stand allows freedom of choice for the customer. Having an empty plate or container means that someone has not been keeping tabs on the freebee's. It really is the  little things are something that your customers value above and beyond the basic product that they came in to purchase.

How to find out what your customers are saying about you.
  • Simply - ask them.  
  • Listen to what the customers have to say.  Verbally as well as on the internet.
    • Listen to on--line conversations with a # and your company name straight after the #.  Anything on-line within that servers platform will come up.  Get back to these customers quickly.  Rectify the problem before word of mouth becomes a viral backlash.
  • Be easily found on the net.
    • Engage with customers, and other people through the forums, microblogging and commenting on their comments or feeds.
    • Create focus groups.
      • be active within these focus groups.
      • Being proactive and bringing up topics for conversation gets your business name [and your one too] seen on the top of peoples comments.
  • Remain within your focus as this will give you and your customers the direction your business is in.
    • Ground braking technology input when all someone really wants is to collect a cuppa and something to eat could and will put them off returning.
Customer touchpoints are not always obvious.  The touchpoints are sensory pleasures or displeasures.  When painful or just not there another brand fill the void.  Your potential customers will simply go there.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Commit to your Business Plan learning

Yes the effective Business Plan you draw up might be made up of a little bit of this, some of that and a pinch more for taste. This business plan might even sustain you until it's run its duration.  However what happens when you go back it it an try making that next step.  Do all the pieces integrate allowing the progress towards achieving all your objective actually be grow and be achieved.

You really do need a business plan.  One that has short term, medium term and long term goals.  The simple thing about making this plan is that really you need to have a focus objective. 

The work out what your objectives are to gain your primary goal.  Complement these with strategies of how you are gong to achieve the overall goal. Simple so far is it?  

Not really however knowing what you want to focus on makes a great number one point.

If you want to bake a cake why then are you making a bread or cooking dinner?  Deciding what type of cake,  for who to eat and the suitability of that cake be makes you involved with the decisions. In this case strategies] 
However being committed to baking the cake means everything has been laid out, you know the answers to these questions, you have a time line.  The first step has been taken.  Being committed is when on ingredient has mixed with another. When you have now committed to baking a cake. 

Making a business plan, acting on it and then reviewing and then being able to  redraw/ alter up another is making that learning factor a commitment to progress.