Monday, March 26, 2012

#Howto engage a win / win sales promotion using a gift basket.

Ever heard of the term - Promotieartikelen? What about a promotion tool? Simply put promotion tools are part of the overall marketing strategy .

A promotion which involves the giving away a series of  'microgifts' [such as just a 'free coffee"] is participating in a very basic Promotieartikelen.  Basic because the coffee is considered to have no depth. A walk away with very little return.

Gift baskets may be 'real' in texture, touch and smell.
Or they may be 'virtual' as in vouchers that reap a
 perceived reward.
The gift that came with a basket was not the fruit but
the wiggly pen [ complete with company contact
 numbers]  hidden in the ferns behind
 Taking the promotion to the next level two things now occur. The first being the consumer is giving something back to the business such as their email address, permission for their name and photo to be used as a closure of the promotion article.  These inevitable are planned into further promotions.  Therefore the permission is in writing and is legally binding between the parties.

The second involves something given to the consumer with which further free advertising occurs.

Such as a 'microgift' as a refreshment within a 'take home pack' consisting of a cup that has the business logo, a platter of food, business cards, serviettes and even a personalized 'thank you' card. As long as your business mug is being utilized, your company gets a required boost

Of course the receipt of which has been much promoted, photographed and 'gushed upon' by friends and relatives.  Person to person 'Word of mouth' or Twitter to friends and followers of both the business and each person in attendance is a cost- effective Promotieartikelen tool.

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