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Using what medium to assist you message in going viral

In response to an inquiry from a gentleman new at what using 'a social medium' actually involves.  Since he is willing to really give this 'social media stuff' a work out then I enjoy helping his cause.  In essence the question followed 

How to make a message go viral?

Okay there are several ways of doing this    

Firstly the medium you are writing this on is important for the following reasons:

With Email [ Gmail hits and tips ]
  • See on the bottom of this page there is a blue send button.  Next to that send button is a little box [+] with a plus sign in it.  Hit the [+] and up pops another display box.  The first of these boxes is the font you can select.  Second box has two different sizes of lettering.  Then of course is the bold, italic, underline, color of letter [A]  and numbered points, then dot points. Then there is the placement of the words on the lines. and a funny boxes like this [Tx(subscripted x)] which means remove formatting .  
  Look just play with them.  Rule stick to the main 'sameness' at most times. 

With regard to attaching a link ... see bottom of this post

For instance: Follow Just Oranges on Pinterest

Copying an email onto a post!
Not a terrific idea as you will see when your visitors connect through to this link the background color effects are altered.  However if this is the effect you want then go for it.

Writing directly on the blog.  
 I have this set up so that people can find the information.  On forward it either by
  • Copy and pasting
  • Attaching as an email to who ever they are connecting with themselves.
  • Add an original photograph into the 'post' and then people can upload this photograph onto visual board like Pinterest. Or as I have done here embedded a visual picture from Pinterest into my post here.  When people click on the picture they are backlinked to the Just Oranges board that I happen to share with others.
    • Note if everyone of the oranges people took photos and placed them on a platform then uploaded them to this oranges board  and while they were up to that made a comment on two pictures already posted plus shared those pictures and comments with their friends the boards would gro.  An electrical zap would zing along the 'wires' to the blog posts and the SEO's would then have fun catching up with things.  Just an aside here since the sales of oranges are basically through organisations and groups would a 'morning tea' time be convienent and I will explain on mass at the organisations how to get their messages out via social media.  This is valuable to them of course for their 'work within their organisations field".
  • Copy and paste the address  in the address bar of the post and then send it via twitter, Facebook and so forth.
 Spam detection is so easy that people simply ignore what and who they do not want to open up.  If they are not a friend or not trusted then they do not open the emails.   In fact spam detection is so detrimental that many people only open emails from addresses they have 'white listed'  - addresses of friends and those they trust entered onto their 'compose' address book.

This is where social media interaction is important in building up a trust 'fund' with those you want to communicate with .  Which simply means jumping too  and getting on with things by a different approach!

Use of Keywords      
The different approaches also includes the use of 'Key words' and 'long tail key phrases' you supplied such as 
Tariff protection

Level playing field

Swiss cheese effect

These are good for the search engine optimizers [SEO's] that help people fin what you are writing on the net.  But not terrific in getting accepted onto peoples incoming email lists.  Why?   The SEO's recognize keywords as 'spam' and the incoming gate gets diverted to trach and spam.  So your message does not get through.

Getting around this:  You use 
  • the post [write on blogger]
  • then attach onto a friendly email and send this out.
  • Build followers on different platforms such as 'Facebook', 'Google', 'LinkedIn', 'Pinterest', 'Loveit', 'FriendFollow' [ there are thousands of these platforms so you build one or two inter connecting platforms at a time.
  • You also encourage your friends to follow you on these platforms...., you follow them too.  Interact with them, send messages to them,  Add pictures.  They onsend yours and you onsend theirs.  Where there is 'activity' the SEOs 'brake in' and have a ball  .  There work is to get stimulated and thus stimulate others to follow suit. Literally if there is a lot of activity happening at one main address people want to join the team that is achieving most or having the most fun?  Fun will always come first. so literally while they are not looking the hard  is not hard work now  but a group of people achieving something together  in a collaborative group that allows their talents to spill over . .  Here is an example... I dislike dealing with money matters.  but I am good at it.  Not as good as an accountant so I utilize the services of an accountant which frees my time to get on with something that I really do enjoy. And paying the accountant from the money that does come in thus a) recognizing their skills b) recognizing and valuing my own skills and time costs and c) why should I run from the little things in life    The beginning of a positive vortex starts here when like you I can  chase/catch my dreams too.
  • Spread the post around as I have described above.  Then send out another post - which is why I suggested keeping the posts small in word size and large in amounts of pictures and videos.
Attaching a link onto a Gmail
In the Gmail I sent to this gentleman the following sentence was included. 
....Anyway was going to send you a long email [it's now a post] and redirected things so that you can have access to the contents at a later date

When adding an attachment give the backlink something to 'hang onto' or simply attach itself to. 
  • First I typed in the words "going to send you a long email" .
  • Next I went to the bottom of the Gmail compose page and again next to the blue [send] button is the [A] the paperclip and a [+].  Note that all you have to do is copy the posts address in the address bar and attach it to one of the following 
a) The paperclip -used for when there is an on computer file to send.
b) The link symbol  [found in the [+]] - the one I am telling you about now.

  • The text in the Gmail that you would like to use gets highlighted - move the mouses curser over to the beginning of this text section [ usually] left click the text [called highlighting or shading the text]. Next......
  • Open the link box. [ explained above]
  • An edit Link box pops up.  With the blue dot next to the We address paste the web address of the post in here.
  • Hit TEST THIS LINK and make sure it is connected.  You should see the wanted post pop up.
  • Now hit okay.
Use at the most ... the very most ... three backlinks on a general Gmail.  No one back link twice otherwise up comes the spam alert and redirection will most likely occur.

If I have missed out on anything please let me know


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