Sunday, October 9, 2011


I have been trying to work this out but so far frustration and groaning have occurred.   Along with the primitive grunts and accompanied noring of teeth.

Sound familiar.

Have I mentioned the insane laughter when I found out that after five hours of not working things out I was working the wrong thing out!!!!

Yes Google apps was not what I was trying to work out things with.

It is however...

  • Once I have changed the readers view side of the blog over to the new system  
    • how then do I log in?  and two
  • How do I pay for the google site I have been doing up?  Google apps is not the correct place to find this answer I think!
back to the drawing board.

Must get up and exercise too as I think my posterior has squished it's blood vessels.  How ever the dogs are happily snoring... still.

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