Monday, October 17, 2011


Actually this weekend is more than just W.o.w.

I went to a business meeting in Melbourne.  Does not sound hard.  Melbourne is just two [2] hours away from here.  Yes there were hurdles to get over but I got there had a great weekend and arrived back.

When I woke up this morning I expected to feel buyers remorse.  Not at all.  I woke with determination.  There are things to do by tomorrow at 1000hrs.  Once I have done these things I will let you know.

I knew the plan.  I had altered another similar one to tentatively work like this one.  TWENTY FIVE years ago. I made it work then and run into difficulties that then I could not get over the top of.   BUT I had seen my very basic plan work.  Yes, I say very basic as when I saw this plan six [6] weeks ago I told the guy how things worked then.  Now there is twenty five years to catch up on. I feel like a prem. baby in that once again I had been too early on things.  The world was not ready and I had not the resources.

Hay this base international company has been going for roughly fifteen years.  Over this time I have had reinforced that there is no safety net [but the one between Jesus Christ and myself] and for this opportunity I thank him.

There are resources that I have and do not have. Things I had and no longer had.  [like the 25 years]  The saying get over it  has been added too.  It is get over it, around it and through it.  Now where am I going to be with my goals.  Why am I sitting here sharing this with you?

Although I dislike using an acronym I have realised that "I am a Woman Of Worth"!.

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