Wednesday, October 12, 2011

OOps I forgot my verification code

A few days ago there I was working my way through "How to get into " syndrome.  A few choice words were though of too.

Anyway. I found out about verification codes.  Promptly got 10 of them.

What a great idea.

It was till I went to a computer that was not mine and was also 90 minutes away! Tried opening my Google Site to show them there one that I had been working on.  The verification codes were at home.  Great.  Today I have the verification codes [ copied out] and I am travelling back there as the site needs their approval before they pay for their Google web page and release it.  That way there is an web-address available for customers to get to them. Secondly all documentation, customer information and publicity would have been moving by now.

Google did warn  about the verification codes.  Print / copy .  Do not forget these ... even place in wallet. There is even a note that only the latest set of backups will work on my Back up verification codes print out. I did two out of three and was caught out, made to feel foolish and dumb.

On the flip side I feel good as no anyone else would also have problems getting in too!.

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