Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What a difference a day makes.

Confidentiality equals trust. When trust is gone because of confidentiality leaks what do people expect to happen?

Today was a good example.

The new Sales Person arrived. The owner of the company I am with explained about confidentiality. What was expected, the boarders and boundaries. No issue there. A confidentiality agreement was given out for the Sales person to read. When he felt confident and at ease with it he could sign or leave.

Mean while the owner looked for drawing pins could not find them in the neat tidy and packed stationary cupboard, so requested they be found.  Took 1 second to walk there, 0.1 second to reach in and get them and 2 seconds to get them back to where the owners was showing those in the office the map if the state. A very brief overview was given. Some questions asked - others not. The map is now pined up where we all can see this out lined section.

While reading the new salesman got back to reading the confidentially agreement an old sales person turned up. The owner of the company hit the roof at every one. drumming into everyone's head confidentiality, demanding answers to questions only one person had obtained to information.

Finally that person had to leave as they had an appointment.

The new sales man asked other questions. Once again was told

  • how he and the developing sales team fitted into the company.
  • how the sales team levels re commissions was to work.
  • who to give the paper work too the next morning so that back up support was able to be organised, given and sent through. 
  • what the owners expectations are. 
  • what four questions to ask prospective consumers. 
  • who not to seek out to ask re becoming a consumer of the companies goods [ primarily as these consumers already were the companies consumers]
  • that the company would expect to see him again at 0900hrs the following day.
Now we are all holding our breath waiting for tomorrow.  What a difference a day makes!

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