Friday, October 28, 2011

Where is Meet Up taking me too?

The arts culture has really begun to use social media. The question is where will the use of the social media take them too and what are the outcomes?

The team members have set up a blogging group.Now that " has been introiduced into the urban sceen' bringing together large crowds of similar-minded audiaences." writes Aine Creedon. With this coming together of people, talents and IT the art world, as we think we know it, will  continue to change, add new interfaces and dimensions.

As I read the article it looks like an objective was to reach into a wider audience. The strategy being through the use of social media and networking combination. Social Media for Communities article has reported is that through the social networking and social media forums of Blogging and twittering Arts Professionals are keeping abreast of the arts scene. The sheer amount of people participating in the arts genres has increased dramatically along with interactions of ideas developing a cross culture/genera influence through the art world it self.  Similar to how van Gough, Cezanne, Gogan and Seurat influenced the Twentieth century painting . The principles went wider and influenced the architecture, furniture. Social concepts flowed on into every day life.

“We use Twitter not only to connect with one another, but to share what we feel brings value to a larger online arts community,” said Ms. Merlino, senior marketing manager at the Guggenheim Museum. It has enabled us to form both professional and personal relationships that has provided countless opportunities for learning and collaboration.”

The spear headed movement includes both art professionals as well as interested stakeholders and others are keeping "up to date on creative new exhibits and lectures by following one another's updates on Twitter and using the" common hastag. While your at it, keep your friend in the loop and 'share' the post with your friends.

Yes the strategies for up -marketing the arts and culture of the world are benefiting from social media and social networking.

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