Thursday, November 3, 2011

Strategies to meet the needs analysis

Follow on from listing the challenges
Strategies towards meeting needs analysis with the project
  • Use a holistic approach that achieves a defined project focus.
  • Define the project as -  2011 Traralgon Show- showcase 
  • Ownership and 'creative license' by team members of project while developing that working team.
  • Some initial working ethos to be there at the beginning while further development occurs.
  • Use technology skills within group and their network.
  • Train all members to have initial working ability that enables the members to participate in the intra-exchange of knowledge through the technology and skills levels already in action.
  • Expand the comfort zones of team members so that use of new machinery, technology or situations are able to be turned into positive outcomes rather than fearful ones.
  • Introduce through use of documentation that has instructions for use. 
  • Successfully network through as many people and social networking sites as possible. 
  • Have diverse multi stream employment opportunities within company guide lines.
  • Create enough positive PR for flow on 'jobs' through the company to assist with above commitments.
Did I mention about the critical review happening  Transparency in the results and... it keeps on going. Just hang in there

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