Saturday, November 19, 2011

An horrific encounter with no time to spare.

 When you enter through the door way to your next appointment which would you rather encounter!
 You have to
 admit that one sales person dream is  another ones nightmare!

When your focus is on friendly gestures do not forget that they must include the following :
  •  your own, 
  •  the direct person you are aiming to talk too or are currently talking with,
  • All the others around you.
Before proceeding with the sales pitch for an interview time stand back allowing others to come forward - especially as they are either paining customers waiting to be served, or someone waiting for the person you are approaching either to work with them directly of for them.

Friendly gestures may be considered a waste of time when you are rambling on after the other person has basically said "NO".  That No may be the end of their conversation time allotment.

At this point make a judgement decision. Take that persons lead but still be the leader within the conversation.  Allow the client to be busy while creating a way to call back at another time. Initially when you shook hands  names were swapped. right. Use the clients name when you are allocating your precious time to call on them.  ie.  "Susan. I will be back on either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning next week.  Either way I would be happy to email you some addition information on [Focus your target information topic here]... Tomorrow I will phone you and conform the time."

Say a cheery goodbye and be on your way to the next call.

Remember Sales all boils down to - time'.  Waste theirs and they will not be happy - neither you nor your company representatives will be welcome back.  Waste your own and you will not have time for you next sale.

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