Saturday, November 12, 2011

Step 1 with business communication building structures

Communication begins at home right?

Replace the word home with "business". Now choose one or more of the following add ons:

  • Between the others and you <-> you and the others.
  • Between yourself and what you want <-> what you want and what the others need you to do.
The third one is : What you want to do <-> what your body limits are !

Take three pieces of paper strips. label them as above.
Place the  <-> above each other, while the "arms" form a six pronged star.

The star is actually a six forked communication process that meets up through a central point. To have balanced energy flow the 'energy' must always be able to flow from one side to the other and back again continuously in harmony. Back a forward.

 Sometimes the amount of pressure the incoming arm exerts on the meeting point may block up and try to force a blow out or take over of the focal meeting point.  Should this happen the equilibrium of the six armed communication meeting point is thrown out of balance. 

Imagine a person who begins work for what ever the reasons are. In the beginning all three communication junctions are functioning evenly. Energy comes.  Energy flows through the other arms interchanging with energy from the other arms.  Harmonious. 

Both the person, and those around them, are able to communicate. Knowledge and skills are passed on and freely swapped.  The business prospers.

Over time the communication from one arm is either choked off or blocked off.  The arm becomes  toxic. Effecitively communication gangreen sets in.  The wellness balance is affected. No one knows what is happening, what needs to happen and why it is happening.

In an ideal world this point would not be reached.  people leave, contacts and contracts being to vanish. tensions rise. the blame game occurs.  No matter what way it is seen the situation fast destructs into a Lose / Lose situation.

To begin to rectify this situation watch what is happening.  Now Is what is happening process falling within the business or project charter? 
  • Collect data. 
  • Create a needs analysis from what you see happening.
  • Compare what is happening to the benchmarks set out in the business / project charter.
  • The part [gray area] between what is happening and what is desired to happen is the focus of the needs analysis.
  • Draw up a needs analysis. 
    • Ask for help with this project.
When people start to come on board the attitude will change.  Be warned it is a long road to get to the end.  However the journey with many people travelling in the same direction is usually fun, fulfilling and very rewarding.


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