Monday, November 21, 2011

The hook, link and sinker effect.

As a sales person learns, practices and uses the techniques shown to them through a combination of the in-house training, the private and sales experiences, reading, an awareness of just how far that sales person has travelled  becomes apparent to them. This is especially so when they then observe someone that they too have mentored mentoring a new sales person. The effect of a good mentor is that they cause ripples of interest to become tsunamis with sales climbing and experiences growing.

Like a well presented cloak, the experiences are woven into the materials threads. This results in the three way strengthening of the sales structures.  A sales person is a channel between their company and the client. The cloak of sales experience holds together that three way interaction process which occurs through the development of an interactive 'common' knowledge base, customer interactions, natural decision inputs and shared understandings. Even when the client themselves has not recognised those needs now dealt with the interaction is still occuring.

While a common basis is formed [from trust, repetition, and good standing has been developed] the simulation of shared base of images is triggered. At times during the sales persons 'off time' the client will approach by themselves, through another person or with another prospective client, then casually mention something that has been bothering them.  Word of mouth and referrals are powerful trust mechanisms.  Follow through on them or your client is made to feel foolish.

Since your client has already taken the bait long ago, he literally has been swimming around in circles waiting a trigger in order for him to stop swimming, give a yank for help so the sales person can real him in.  Some external and unexpected thing may have triggered the clients needs causing the client tot jump out the water and into the sales persons well positioned safety net!

Important note: Deal with the follow up, close the sale, unhook the fish at the mouth and let him go.  Oh and did I forget to mention you, the sales person has transferred the client from the wild sea into your own fish tank!

To care for transferred fish means that the sales persons team feed them regularly, interact when and where possible, do not swim in the tank, clean the tank when needed. 

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