Sunday, November 13, 2011

A "two sides of the coin" concept.

Willpower is a term for helping us grasp an intangible concept. A concept that all through lives people can be trained in, while training and exercising their brain to daily strengthen the willpower which prompts healthy life choices.

Another intangible concept is hindsight. Although hindsight is supposed to bring wisdom often the knowledge gained being released once it is too late for the first protective offensive.  Bad habits then need to be broken.  Our minds, bodies, families and peers retrained enabling the 'us' to stay on track and reach for the new foundation goals.

This being said how does one gain a functioning, resourceful, thinking on feet sales team?  One that pushes their subliminal limits, over comes hurdles at a mear thought and charges in where angles fear to tread??

The Sydney Morning Herald

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