Thursday, November 17, 2011

One step, two step, knock them all down

Action and interactions within life are major steps towards overcoming the monotony and routine of our daily lives.

A while ago I heard the story of Jumbo the elephant.  How he was trained to go round in circles.  When it came to rescuing himself from a devastating fire all he knew how to do was go round in circle.   This in the end proved fatal for Jumbo.  The mind set was such that even with the chains cut Jumbo could do noting else but go round in circles.

Since I had just left one place of employment, then heard about this story, I realised that my life had been going around in circles.

Starting in another place in a business advisory position my focus was to organise

  • a cohesive, collaborative vibrant growing team. 
  • a wider basis from which others can work and build upon.
  • the financial aspects of the business.
  • the overall appearance of the business.

Working together, all of us could have pulled the business out of where it was.  However one fatal thing had happened that lead me to suspect the owner did not truly want to get out of the hole that was dug thus unable to move forward.

Disaster was fast approaching. Everything that had been instigated appears to have been undone by this one compounded thing.

One major end result influencer is how the owner presents "everything on the line"'.  What is presented guides the advisor in how to handle the negatives that have occurred in the past or are unfolding as the time goes by.
Had the owner listened with an open ear, while being honest with both himself and the primary business associates, everyone may have known exactly where they stood within the business structure, known the strategies to be used, as well as the objectives to be reached and scope allowed. The sad things about this is that like a captain of a sinking skip I find that I have to stay on board and hopefully be there to salvage the wreckage, instead of scuttling it and allowing it to sink with dignity.  The primary reason is that I have introduced others and encouraged their hopes and dreams, they are on board.

One thing that has happened is that my life is not monotonous any more!  The routines have changes.  I may still go round in circles but mixing with other people, working through the web, even the places I go to have different action and interaction results.

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