Sunday, November 20, 2011

Have you an ongoing support team?

Oh boy!  Time to walk through the door.  Hope no one stares at you... is your tie on right, what about socks - are they paired.  Is your shirt inside out, trousers ... do they have a stain... did you slop something down your shirt already [is it noticeable?]

Obviously it's the first five minutes before you start work in that new place.  You have been there before. Even now the walls look closer, the staff have large fangs and sharp wit.  The nails to draw blood are hidden with a hammer to drive said nails into the wall. GLUP.

Where I have the pleasure of working currently building, developing and training the sales team there are support networks in place before you come in the door.  No I do not mean we rush out and hug you then drag you into and pamper you.  That action would probably drive the poor nervous person running out the self same door.

The business has tentatively been expanding the avenues of income.  While these avenues are being developed, then on sold, a new client customer base is being built - a process that is on going in any business. Over the last two months as new office staff have come in they are included in decisions.  The talents and skills of both the new and older staff members are utilized.  Encouragement for others to be supportive has been ongoing. Mentoring has a new level in that now it is shown  in not only passing on knowledge, creating new networks but also expanding the staffs collective skills basis and comfort zones.  For instance the new accountant is getting use to the idea that she has the power and it is expected for her to say 'No'! to any expense and the owners must listen. having just arrived two months ago she now has nearly completed a Quick-books bookkeeping course.  This takes three days out of the week and is two hours away from the office.  So staying overnight was going to be no option.  Instead of spending up to five hours travel [and waiting time] the account has stayed at a back packers hostel.  Now there is recommendations through her network . Initially a fifty year old grandmother on staff told the twenty two year old account about the hostel accommodation where that older staff member stays when in Melbourne..

Now a sales team is being trained up through sales situations, presentations, paper work, journals, basic book keeping and so forth. While one member of staff is writing these posts as a way of ongoing training and support, others are directing the new members on which areas to go to next, showing them different aspects of what the business actually does. Further because of an asset evaluation early in the sales time new dimensions are being incorporated within this business, explored by the same sales people who brought in those skills and assets not recognizing exactly how worth while their interest, skills and talents actually were. The challenge now is ongoing.  New teams are being picked through the sales peoples networks, then developed and supported by all the staff, their families and other stakeholders. The sales people are willing to accept the responsibility,  the rights and the collective accolades of their teams efforts.

Currently the business has had to develop in the wider area with a broader marketing base due to new Australian Federal policies, which have resulted in a lack of trained personal throughout the state. Big money is else where and that is where people had gravitated too.  Concurrently the ongoing problems have caused a staff shortage all around that impacts on the overall quantity of  service.

 Previously these factors had little effect until a previous sales person and office person dabbled a little too close to industrial espionage and gossip rumour warmongering. You are aware of the old word of mouth thing where what is gossiped about states ' Where the is smoke there must be fire".

Lessons have learned by the business, the new staff and the owners. The main one being that the people who have tried to destroy not only this business, but other small ones, have yet to discover is that loyalty to others actually helps and supports many people within the community. Selfish actions do not support a team - usually the team has been destroyed before that time or those people involved have have left.  However business do hang in there. Memories are long and direct. The new people are not being encouraged to take dirty action.  Instead it is being reinforced that dirty actions minimise the energy flows developing when a great bunch of people grow and strengthening together. Why go down to the abusers level.  Join together , move on, and inclusively together, with our support the business will grow, change, strengthen and be profitable once again.

Basically people support people, and business, who support them, give them a change to grow, develop, to stand up amongst many while having a innate sense of self worth, while asking for nothing in return.

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