Monday, November 21, 2011

Triggers releasing action.

Ethics and experiences change in the various cultures which make up the community the sales person is entering into. Other than being resilient while taking the lead there are five things are the same through out the sales persons speal.

The first is money.  Effectively the sales person is after it, the client simply does not want to spend it. Stalemate.  With a win loose situation who will dominate?

True sales people look for a way to listen to the client - after all they hold what you want - their purse strings. You, the sales person wins when the client feels like they have won by signing up to what you are selling.  Once this has occurred further non-time wasting follow ups and contact is important.

The second is that cheesy smile.  One that says "I'm gonna take you for a ride" While you cannot see my hands mind your wallet!
The third is just talking too much.  If you are talking you are not listening to the clients needs.  Your message becomes blurred and with out end. Your mouth is moving so fast you are unable to see what the client is missing.  The clients cameras may let dust in. Spiders may trigger things off.  These equal hidden cost factors that the client happily pays for. What if your company has dust free entry camera.  Or can supply a cleaning and debugging service for the camera area.

While the sales person technique includes appraisal and analysing the clients needs - their own need for a close of sale might override common sense -intruding on a delicate close of sale threat.   When a sales person effectively shows the " I am not rushed but I do have other appointments" attitude from the start and has mentioned a time allotment such as ".. What about spending five minutes to show me what you are talking about?"  Spend just five minutes. Once achieved and done suggest that for a better understanding of the situation make a  positive affirmation to return either on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. Meanwhile you will forward information that will be helpful.

Now get out and do it. Exit with grace and confidence that you have not wasted your clients time. Make notes and critically review the time you have spent.  Pass on the information.  Make the experience worth while for both you and your client.

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