Sunday, November 13, 2011

The wheel is round, it has no end.

When a fresh new person goes into a new employment area they are mentored. While that new person intermingles with people with more experience, various skills and knowledge basis levels, they are being directed into keeping that business on track within the businesses practices according to that business's charter. The new person has to allow themselves to be mentally probed, opened up, redirected and re-trained in order for that business to accept both themselves and their skills within that business inclusivly protective walls.  This said- what is experienced by the new person, that new person will do back to the business.   Each are looking for a level of safety, survival, security and longevity.

 There are many unknowns and "gray areas" for all to consider. As the new person settles in and works towards being accepted, many things implode on their comfort zones. Mentors provide a bridging gap between the business processes and internal social gap and the new employees knowledge base. When a gaping void between two benchmarks is discovered by the newer employee they become aware of yet another grey area to bring to the Mentors attention. As this discovery process is happening the new employee is shown how things are actually are, compared to how things should be. Seen with a different perspective the Mentor explains what the company is going to do about the tangible and intangible aspects that have created that said void. Does the company have policies, how are these policies implemented? Who needs to know about it? Mentors have a place in training the new employee through the processes.

Voids need to be dealt with not covered up.

 Negative vortex's on the other hand are like a whirl wind. Vortexes [positive or negative] disturb the peace and progress. Usually there are other smaller vortex trailing around and behind a central Vortex. Each feeding off the other until the course of events has travelled its path.  Nothing is ever the same again. As the destructive negative vortex gets nearer the voids around them get dragged into the negative of that vortex.  The solid foundations and walls of any business needs to have been strengthen through reinforcement, not temporally shored up [propped up].Using the example of the Global Financial Crash [GFC] of 2008 as an example of an external negative vortex many business's that did not have the foresight or resources suffered greatly. While some were never heard of again others had the forethought, or ability, to have changed their focus, to  fix up weak areas, while staying afloat managed to stay in business. While some business later sold up others took the hits and stood the test of time For instance Marketing America had $80 million dollars in their bank mid October 2011.  This company was only 15 years old at that point. Why was what Marketing America working causing a large growth rate during the years from the GFC to then? One answer is that the motto of the Marketing Australia motto is "Built on Product. Powered by People". Through mentoring processes Marketing America taught it's values and ethics. As a 'family' of people moving forward sharing a common vision Marketing America strength in it's strategies did not allow the GFC negative vortex to brake up the business. In this example Marketing America is seen as a positive vortex. As a result many people have benefited.  Literally a negative vortex hit a positive vortex.

New employees or members, questions are a form of constant evaluations regarding the process, strengths and weakness of company policy and methodology. Therefore there is the likelihood that a newer employee, who sees things through a different perspective, may see the voids or approaching negative vortex more clearly will be greater. This newer perspective is what the mentor needs to nurture - or it might get squished and not flourish. A negative result is that the business falters and does not grow.

 Any business that does not take note of the voids, putting into place methods to deal with the said void  through an ongoing complete needs analysis and evaluation  is heading for trouble.  The new persons ability to communicate with others, particularly the mentor, to brainstorm what is actually happening as a team effort, to acknowledge and take the steps of what needs to be done in combination to how the business charter repairs the gray area is very valuable to the business. The mentor should respect, nurture and develop this leadership potential 

The mentor not only offers protection with knowledge but boundaries and support to that new employee. The flip side of this support being given is that the Mentor receives loyalty, understanding and full honest communication as this two way path is earned.  Understand these two things.

  • The mentor and the new employee will develop a bond. 
  • All training, understanding, knowledge etc is energy. This energy does not flow between one and another in a circular motion.  Unlike a vortex the Mentor will not suck the employee into their forcefield and turn the emplyee into their clone.  Instead the energy flows in a figure of eight pathway crossing over at two polar points. At these polar points other pathways of energy exchange are occurring.  At the end of the mentoring both the employee and the mentor have shared and grown. They will still be individuals with ideas, brain patterns and methods of doing something to achieve the same outcome slightly varying. A new er employee may be mentored by either of the above and the company strengthens and benefits. 

Mentors are there to reinforce those with less knowledge, on the wise choices to make. When the newer employees unwise choices result, or short cuts skipped, have effectively back fired and proceed then to fall apart, then  the mentor has already a network set up to halt the total onset of destruction. The mentor incorporates the company charter, the laws of the land, ethics, cultural awareness and a sense of morals into the redevelopment of the employee and their actions while using the mentors own skills, knowledge and networks to teach the employee the five basic things. These being -who, what, when, where and how things are meant to be, how they should be.

 The circle is round and knows no end. New trends will open new voids. New employees or members mean new looks into the procedures. Among other things the introduction of time management and technological advancements are moving and changing the business culture along with them. Through the reinvestment of time, energy and sound knowledge,  the employee and their skills do not disappear thus the business's growth will continue to flourish.

The business will have developed methods to rise and meet other new challenges. The business of mentoring does not reinvent the wheel.  However mentoring allows a team effort to have the wheel ready [in storage and checked out when necessary] for a flat tyre not to turn into a major disaster.

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