Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Way to go

Cowardice is a form of In-built self-defence. The energy spent by not raising to meet new benchmarks every day of our lives, sucks our potentials away until there is nothing left, but a husk of our former selves. So be reflective, make adjustments but get out there and expand your comfort zone.

Recently I was in dialogue with a few members of our direct management team.  Having a list of what was actually holding up the inward money flow was an important step. The list was a tangible face facts mission statement.  Laid out for all of us to see.  Now action could be taken.  Importantly responsibility for that action was also both acknowledged and given.  Sounds strange one would say.  But if the upper management will not divulge some aspect that places all the pieces together, then others on the team  have difficulty fighting through the floss of what actually needs doing.
  • Action one: Related to name changes of business. Owners only could do this.
  • Action two: Update and sort out the financial aspects of the books.  Owners, accountant and book keeper to achieve this.
  • Action three: Lay out the five year plan for the business. Owners to have major input.  Each person within the business circle to add their contributions to the main projections of goals. My field here was to connect  all the pieces and on sell the ideas as they emerged from concept to a marketable time management program.
  • Action four: Public Relations development  - primarily my field. With the business teams skills/ talents/ dreams and desires lists a future development pathway has be pencilled out. 
  • Action five: Develop the teams to active these goals.

Although all of us had actions, none of us could effectively do anything, unless we communicated to work together, cognitively was hampered. Then with cohesive working ability got out there and made it happen.

It is happening

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