Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shared understanding

Think about it. Your sitting in on some meeting somewhere and up pops a totally irrelvant idea for that time. What do you do?  Whip out the recorder and try talking into it? Change the conversation flow becoming the unwanted centre of attention.  [Great if you are at a wedding listening to the father of the grooms speech!].
No. Y you grab a bit of something to write on [table napkin, scribble pad or even piece of skin] and scribble furiously.

Now get to the time where need to remember what it was you actually were writing about and what happens.  Your blank.

Use of multi media greatly improves shared understanding through the avenue of shared seeing. Shared seeing involves animation, videos, power point presentations, music or voice overlays that take the client directly into what you want them to experience.  Putting this multi media into action your client follow up beings to look promising.

Since you have spent time listening to your client describe what they need, or you have left them with a further thought, send direct to that client an email with an attached tailor made company's page that addresses their specific needs. On the page have preselected  targeted visual stimulation presentations that range only two minutes duration. Add a free bee, other information and a direct survey for their needs.

        • Note all feed back is classed as paper work and must be treated accordingly.  Email the information to the relevant people within the business you represent.

Visual representation explains to the client  why they actually want the product you are selling.  Sending the client a link to the information gives the client the opportunity for some down time viewing. The client may even pass the link to another, or other people, for their reviewing. Effectively you are setting the sales scene by arousing the clients discomfort of dissonance.

Rather than just sending a series of disjointed bits and pieces - have a presentation prepared through Google Documents. For on going information updates refer the client through to the relevant site ie.

Free updates on - Safety and Security for You - and your staff - just hit here.

The actual line gives you something, names the something and then tells you to action it here.  Has your trigger finger been tempted to hit the here yet?

At this point you have done the following
  • Followed up on what you have said you will do.
  • Gained a measure of trust that you will follow though.
  • Given the client breathing room or the ability to share their work load through the appropriate channels.
  • Set the scene for closing the sale.
  • Triggered the connection between you and the client, the staff and their family connections.
  • Increased the traffic flow through to the business you represent continual data service.
Just a question here. What happens when the client sees something that easily could be a before and after shot of similar problems they either are having, have experiences with or may be in fear of having.

Yes you have included a tailor made survey in the document you have sent have you not?


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