Thursday, November 3, 2011

Listing the challenges faced.

Needs analysis re a one month project called 'The 2011 Traralgon Show'

 The challenges are laid out as follows
  • time frame differences.
  • transportation means unable to meet timetable.
  • language struggles.
  • forming a work in progress team of basically unknown people.
  • talents and skills of the team are not known to others or maybe the work in progress team members themselves.
  • depth of understanding re where a project fits into the overall scheme of lang term goal.
  • experience / depth of use re using an IT media. 
  • the variety of IT gadgets that can be used to used to participate.
  • using a means of communication that brings all the ideas "to the Table" for further co-development without loosing any that may be used in another activity project.
  • stream lining these ideas into a media [blog] with which many are uncomfortable using.  
Read more for the strategies worked out

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