Saturday, November 19, 2011

Exit with appreciated thanks

Are you scared of making yourself to raw or of having your trust smashed? What happens when you refer someone on  and there is a much up.  Things just did not work out, ended up messy, with painful repercussions and complicated outcomes?

When  a salesperson approaches someone in the visited building that salesman is asking the other person to represent them. In effect to trust them, make a complimentary judgement and then refer them higher up. Your network of people has increased.  The referrer has opened the door to you.  All this work so why would you want to have it slammed behind you?

That same salesman wants, and needs, to make a good impression in order to better the commission chance - correct?

Here is the crunch. Often people approach someone , they refer them on, consequently the referrer gts trampled on if the sales person attitude rubs the boss the wrong way, or simply offers a good product at the wrong time.

As the sales person disappears out the door the referrer does not even get a good bye or a thank you.

Take time to make a good impression on the way in.  remember that it is not the way in you are remembered for but your exit.  Spend that time personally saying your thanks.  Leave the referer a card as a complimentary thank you please remember me ticket into your  next call back.  The time you spend leaving the place you have enetered makes for a more relaxed acceptance for when you do a follow up.  The relaxed attmosphere rather than the chilled 'over there' nod has already marked you in their bosses eyes.

Thirty seconds spend in acknowldegement when leaving gains you miles and minutes when you finally pitch your wears to the boss.

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