Sunday, November 20, 2011

Knowing your product

People who lie or those spreading maliciousness gossip will get caught out.  With today's internet is there really anywhere you can hide once your credibility has vanished?

Yes. People will buy from positive and credible  people.  Anything negative will tend to make those you are talking to hurray away in haste.  But once you have lied or gossiped people stay away from you in droves. Think about it : If you have lied about one thing, or gossiped about another person or business what do they think you are going to do about them?  And you really want to sell something to them.  All I can say is keep at it you may be successful.
Here's what you do.

Should you find that there has been a slip up go back and correct it.  Your reputation may suffer for a while but do not do the same things twice.  Hand the sales opportunity over to someone else before you do this again. Your reputation is the only thing that counts when selling. It is your honesty and therefore your reputation that sells to the client.

There will be times that you are asked a question by the client, other times when you think that there is a product or service that may be just what the client needs. The client has outlined what they want, you have spent time listening, you know that time is money... effectively your money.  STOP right here.  Allow the customer to hear you out.  Make a follow up time so that you can find out further information with regard to what the customer wants.  Will it suit their needs expressed as it is , be tailor made for the clients needs? or even not suit at all.  Now YOU get back to the client and let them know.  Even arrange to bring in the expert in that field.

The reason is easy :-  T.R.U.S.T.

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