Thursday, November 17, 2011

And now we have... who are you?

As an persons gains confidence in what they are doing and how this is perceived by their colleges and peers their comfort zone are widened.  The attitude to trying new and a wider variety of 'new' challenges and concepts increases.  What has been learned in other areas of their life gets 'readjusted' to suit this new environment. That person will have both an increasingly effective performance range and depth across a series of situations.  They will have an accumulation of 'book' knowledge and environmentally absorbed knowledge. How they apply this knowledge is what an employer is looking for.

When someone sees a job that they want to apply for they make enquiries and go through the motions.  Resume may still be of some importance.  However the employer wants to know that you can do the job, bring in new spheres and dimensions with the minimal amount of training and down time.

Writing up a list of assets, presenting yourself both in person as well as on line is of greater importance.  Research into your background is now a given and acceptable benchmark before you get into the interview stage. Another step is understanding the vision and mission statements of that business, then tailoring yourself into that frame of mind. Literally making yourself into what that business wants... and what that business wants is you.

Are you prepared to sell yourself?

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