Saturday, November 19, 2011

It will be better with this!!

What trigger is associated with
 this warning?
There are times when the salesperson becomes aware the client disbelieves that the sales persons product will be of benefit to them or their business.

At this point ask the client to show you why their system is working for them. As an external observer the client may actually begin to trip over their own beliefs. As the client is engaged in showing the sales person the five basic requirements [how, what, who, when and why] something is good for them subliminal messages as to why something did not work, or is troubling a staff member begin to pop up in the conversation. The sales person is utilizing the self-perception theory where the clients triggers either or a sub-subliminal; or sub-conscious memory results in an window need for the sales person to close the sale on..

The clients attitude has begun to change because they

  • are aroused and beginning to feel the discomfort of dissonance.
  • attribute the cause of their discomfort or disbelief to their own behaviours and attitudes.
Open the eyes the clients eyes
 to 'see' associated triggers that
 close the sale for you?
Through the external justification the 'triggers' have the client now beginning to talk themselves into needing what the sales person is selling. Further to this the sales person offers to send a follow up file with additional information.

When the client has a strong view on something the sales person calls the view into doubt by giving discomforting examples. Fast food sales staff are good at this when taking your order. How often have you been asked chips with that?  Yet you know the calories present, even know your glucose level will not be good after it.  But suddenly there they are and there's you eating them too! Or you are asked if you would 'Upsize'.  You pay more for the unwanted economy of a bigger meal that you may have not wanted in the first place. Chips and all. All you really wanted was a hot drink!

From here the sales person leads the client back through the cognitive dissonance sales to the closure or straight into the closure of the sale.

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