Monday, November 21, 2011

Presenting a morphed before and after vision leads to ongoing sales

The power of animation is so strong that simulations confer "pseudomemories".  Basically by the sales person supplying a pseudomemory  as a trigger tool the sales person is setting the seen for a is an imposed memory or trigger to gain hold. How the client needs to settle their mind.

You know your product is the best.  Simply dropping the prodct and running is not doing the client or yourself any favours.  The client is in need. Fearful of being sues, being left behind, knowing that you will have other people to see.

The real motivation to stay with you and your company is the reward of doing something and being recognised. Ask them which photos they would like placed in the Safety and Security blog that is a free publication emailed to interested parties.  Advertising is very expensive.  The situation of giving the clients business recognition for ongoing sales, or even spending time having a cuppa or meeting at a shared club activity is important.  Either way the client and sales person is in a win / win situation.

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