Monday, November 21, 2011

Rescuers complex.

In the beginning the client had a concrete set of images in their mind.  The sales person job is much like a lawyers. The client is like the jury members both waiting and needing to be swayed.

Through the use of  multi-media animation built up from photographs and videos that superimpose a graphic image into the mind of the client the animation gives the client a clear illustration of both the current situation and
  • what may occur without your companies intervention, products or a design change.
  • what might have actually happened. 
Either way the client goes the sales person follows up with a lead that takes the client through the opportunity door.

Just to practice 
  1. Choose a picture from the newspaper. 
  2. Draw a ring around some thing that may not be right, could go wrong or looks better with your product there.
  3. Attach the picture to the reflective glass or an actual mirror surface you are standing in front of. 
  4. Look into your eyes and practice saying out loud 
                               "Of course with these products this has changed, that would have been different, cost
                                factors verses compensation or insurance damages.... "

How would you feel when someone points out little things that leave niggling doubts. Now  that sales person sends you information to help you. Ahh! the rescuers complex in action.  

Close the sale now. Make a follow up date - to be confirmed of course. Move on to the next appointment. 

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