Saturday, December 3, 2011

Balance and realine - a training gaol

When people are in a situation where their 'daily lives' are influenced strongly by an increasingly self feeding circular stress / anxiety and depression cycle the influencing factors spiral. Often not seen until the inevitable happens where something goes and breaks down.  Now added guilt factors step in. Businesses loose well trained and valuable members of their work force when the people realise that they do not even like what they do any more.  The fun has gone out of their lives. Added work loads now pile up onto other people [more stress for them] and the training department keeps employed as long as the business can pay them to keep going.

 Implemented 'stress load recognition" steps built into any ongoing training program  become doubly important as they are a set of tools for all transitional from within the the work place, the community and the family life.  That people have the belief the attitude of 'burring the heads in the sand' will make it go away. Thus they are not involved or responsible is an abuse by all to actively ignore what is going on will not make it go away.  Instead the abuses are intensified as they are magnified. Like a pebble skimming the water something eventually impacts with something else then eventually sinks.

Walking the double edged sword of having to psych ones self up to take an active part in a job completion task often is of assistance.  Being able to hop from one side to the other, do the job and being able to effectively be efficient at fully leaving the situation behind is the aim of initial training and then constantly updating that training.

 Effectively the person is spring boarding into the jobs starting point through putting on a ' practised uniform'.  Think of an emergency worker. Sometime through their training they are shown how to cut off from being themselves, flick into work mode, do the job and come back into themselves. For years nurses went to their place of work. In the locker room they changes out of their civvies and into the uniform.  There were often others around letting off steam, offering a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on. The head nurses would be warned about trouble brewing and deal with the issues.  In today's world debriefing has overtaken part of this return transition process. Expert help from a neutral person outside of the circle of events that actually were occurring. Alternatively time out camps where returned solders can go in order to hole up. Take the time and eventually come back into their world reality.

These scenarios illustrate strategic release times when and where ordinary human beings are out their doing what they are trained or allowed to do sometime during their life. Not implementing the Occupational Health and Safety steps now incorporated within 'set out pathway to recovery' finds those behind the system guilty of work place abuse issues even years after the activities or events triggered a release of the 'adrenaline rush' triggered to cope with the work experiences.

When people are unable to make the full jump between the analogy of the double edged sword mentioned above they gradually reach breaking point. Often unseen by themselves as what was 'norm' has now been overtaken by this new norm. Incorporated into any training program a series of 'just have fun activities' that include the families, refresh the person and are their without competitiveness factors interrupting is a must.

By building into the awesome responsibility of  the "..too succeed or not to succeed" part of human nature fun training activities that release the reassure, reconnect both ourselves and the others around us with 'fresh air and balance' the training team supports further cohesive actions, goal attainments and reignition while allowing the persons involved chances to balance, realine and become whole once again.

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