Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Old verse new

There are many business out there where the people who own them are use to being employees themselves.  They see an opportunity and grab it. Organise 'all' the paper work, go through things with a fine tooth comb, purchase the business and then work their tails off to get it running smoothly.

Then comes the crash.  Things just are not progressing.  They loose hope and their cash as the "today's" real world closes in. What they are set to loose is not only the hard earned cash but the time and effort, they have put in, the knowledge they have gained and worst of all all that 'ownership' and identity of who and what they are now, were, compared to what they will be if they do not do something real.

By real I mean simple acknowledge that they were good at what they do.  Their understanding has been acknowledged with the pay check they took home and invested.  However, do they alone have all the talents needed to move forward and keep their business in line?

NO is the easy answer.

At this point I am going to explain something between the old and the new.  Marketing has two aspects.  The outbound and the inbound. Or put it another way the tangible and intangable.

  • Outbound marketing: 
    • Cash and direct leads from cold calling, 
    • trade shows,
    •  direct mail,
    •  advertising,
    •  promotions.
  • Inbound marketing:
    •  Internet blogging, 
    • social media,
    •  emailing, 
    • social mediaising, 
    • S.E.O.
The trick is meshing these two concepts together because when you go into these business the owners are familiar with the Outbound marketing concepts. So familiar that they are stuck going around in a mess of frustrated circles.  The new fagled ones are for 'the kids who do not know the stuff' the owners have gone through. Meanwhile this outdated view is not only a generation gap but something like a knowledge chasm. Since the owners are so busy literally digging themselves into an early grave the 'employees' will assist them to.  After all the owners have set the precedent to all their good employees - follow the leadership at the helm and do what the owners are showing the employees to do- or we sink.

To turn the all this around the incoming consults needs to work with the outbound marketing strategies while bring in the 'new' Inbound marketing strategy concepts. Selling these systems to the employees while wholesale marketing them owners and upper management staff .  Talk about a double edged sword. Meanwhile filling in the leaks
Good luck.

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